Neuroworx accepts a number of commercial insurance plans, managed care company plans, Medicare, Utah, and some surrounding states Medicaid. Please call the clinic at 801-619-3670 to discuss your particular insurance coverage.

Although Utah is a direct access state, which means that individuals may seek therapy without a doctor’s order/prescription, many insurance companies require a healthcare provider’s order if they are covering the cost of care.

Call the clinic at 801-619-3670 and speak to one of the administrative staff members about scheduling an evaluation and your insurance situation. You may be asked to complete a brief medical history outlining your reason for seeking care at Neuroworx. This is reviewed by the clinic director and staff.

You are welcome to see the clinic during operating hours (M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.). Please call 801-619-3670 to schedule your visit.

Each individual will receive a personalized treatment plan based on their initial evaluation. Since no two injuries or recoveries are the same, the number of sessions per week and type of intervention are determined for each situation. The Neuroworx clinicians also consider factors such as distance from the clinic requiring travel, care giver issues, and personal goals. Treatment plans are continually updated according to progress and circumstance.

Yes. Neuroworx can provide any or all of the above therapies concurrently if appropriate. The Neuroworx treatment model emphasizes collaborated and coordinated care between clinicians and disciplines.

Neuroworx has a handicap accessible, fully furnished two bedroom condominium located 0.2 mile away. It is on the same street as Neuroworx and can be accessed by walking or wheelchair via sidewalk. The minimum stay is one week with a maximum stay of three months (longer stays require advanced planning based on availability and cannot exceed six months). It is rented on a first-come, first-served basis and must be scheduled in advance. No pets please. Call 801-619-3670 for additional information.

Typically the first session at Neuroworx is an evaluation with one or more of the clinicians. This will include a history of your condition and a physical evaluation. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to facilitate the exam. If you use a wheelchair for mobility, plan to be out of your chair at some point. If you haven’t already provided the following items, please bring:

  1. Pertinent medical records
  2. Insurance information
  3. New patient paperwork

Family members and caregivers are welcome to join you for your sessions. We do request limiting the number of individuals to help the flow of the clinic. We request that children not be part of the visiting group. Neuroworx has a designated visitor room that has a comfortable work surface and a small kitchenette.

Neuroworx specializes in neurological conditions that cause paralysis such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and stroke. Our pediatric program provides therapy for children with conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other neurological syndromes causing paralysis. We do not typically provide therapy for musculo-skeletal conditions such as back pain, hip, knee, and shoulder injuries, etc. Please call the clinic if you have a question about your particular diagnosis.

Neuroworx is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit charity. Part of our mission is to eliminate as many of the financial barriers to care as possible. We are continually raising funds to provide our supplemental and charity care. Financial aid is provided on a sliding scale based on the U.S. national poverty scale. Individuals looking for assistance should call the clinic for additional information.

The basic Wellness Program allows individuals to access portions of the clinic’s equipment for independent workouts and group fitness. An individual receives a therapy evaluation, workout plan, and safety check from a Neuroworx clinician as enrollment begins. The monthly fee for the program is $35. Participation in the program is often used in conjunction with formal therapy. The Wellness Squared Program has opportunities for activities such as video gaming, adaptive art and pottery, hand cycling, and camping. Availability and cost vary by activity and season.

As a non-profit organization, Neuroworx is constantly looking for additional resources to fulfill our goal of providing life-enhancing, after-hospital rehabilitation to adults and children affected by paralysis. Obviously, donations and charitable contributions are critical. Occasionally we are in need of expertise for our programs. Individuals who help us with those needs can consider their effort an in-kind donation. Please contact the clinic for more information regarding contributions and volunteer opportunities.