What We Do

At Neuroworx, it's about people. Because we choose superior outcomes over optimal revenues, we give individuals what they need to improve rather than the amount of care allowable by insurance. This do-the-right-thing philosophy has earned Neuroworx an unequaled reputation and respect for its evidence-based, creative, and innovative neurorehabiliation.

What We Do:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for restorative and functional rehabilitation for the individual

  • Provide superior equipment & expertise for as long as necessary

  • Focus on the individual by providing customized care

  • Generate the greatest level of independence & recovery possible

  • Extend our reach to all who need access to care--regardless of resources

How We Do It:

Our therapists -- some of the finest you'll find anywhere -- provide innovative therapies using cutting-edge techniques and equipment:

Neuroworx currently offers the following programs:




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