Over-ground Gait and Safety System

The Vector Gait and Safety System features a unique design that removes the full burden of support from a clinician providing over-ground therapies -- minimizing risk for both patient and clinician while maximizing efficiency and outcomes.

Vector’s Dynamic Body Weight Support (DBWS) continually offsets a specified amount of the patient’s weight as they move over-ground or through obstacles, so they can safely and confidently perform rehabilitative exercises. 

Either before therapy or on the fly, therapists can set and adjust the percentage of the patient’s body weight to dynamically unload. 

Vector DBWS advantages:

  • Therapy can be started earlier

  • Continually challenge patients while keeping them safe

  • Real-world training prepares patients for life outside of the therapy gym

  • Increase therapy efficiency by allowing a hands-on approach rather than supporting the patient and being constantly concerned about them falling

  • Expand treatment options and shorten recovery times




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