Team Neuroworx

Team Neuroworx is a select group of individuals with spinal cord injuries, organized to give presentations to local schools and community groups. 

Captain, Sam Arishita, has put together a team comprised of individuals ranging in age from middle school to senior citizen, each with a unique story to tell. The team members share their own personal experiences, before and after injury, through short video vignettes and personal comments.

The purpose of the presentation is to communicate four (4) concepts that our team members have learned:

  1. STAY IN GREAT SHAPE. Your chance of recovery from traumatic injury is far better if you are in great physical shape
  2. BE GOOD TO YOUR PARENTS, SIBLINGS, AND FRIENDS. You find out who really loves you when difficult times occur.
  4. FIND A PLACE LIKE NEUROWORX THAT GIVES YOU OPTIONS AND HOPE. More therapy and care means better recovery.

Requests are to be emailed to, Attention: Team Neuroworx.

If you are interested in having our group do a presentation at your school or in your classroom or meeting place, please contact us. We have a limited number of appointments available throughout the school year, so please schedule your presenation today.

We'd like to Congratulate Team Neuroworx!! After completing a recent presentation to students at Skyline High (March 11, 2016), Team Neuroworx has now presented their Remarkable Journey stories to 4,200 students!  Well done,Team!


March 11, 2016
Team Neuroworx presenting to Skyline High School (100 students) in Salt Lake City, Utah
Members' Family -- Back Row, L to R: Sophie Cambell, Donna Campbell, Karen Black, Amy Muller, and Tracie and Arrington (cute baby!) Beckstead
Team Neuroworx Members -- Front Row, L to R: Sam Arishita, Cameron Campbell, Justin Black, Kendra Muller, and Jedediah Beckstead
March 4, 2015
Team Neuroworx presenting at Rocky Mountain Jr High (1200 students) in Roy, Utah

Here's what people are saying:

"This is the second time that I have heard Neuroworx. Both times, the speakers captured the audience's attention and held it for the entire 1 hour and 45 minutes. That says a LOT when you address high school students. I loved the messages of tenacity in the face of incredible hardship interlaced with a sense of humor, and of inspiration that came from individual loss. The most memorable and inspirational presentation that I have heard.
-- Staff, Corner Canyon High School, Health Sciences - November 2015
" We really appreciated you all coming to American Fork. I received feedback from a parent of a student who told me that their child couldn't stop talking about the presentation. Thank you for helping clear up common misconceptions and biases towards individuals in wheelchairs. It was very interesting! I also appreciated that you were willing to address the difficult topics of urination/defecation that the students wonder about, but aren't sure they should ask. You all made them very comfortable and they learned a lot. Thank you for coming and being willing to share your stories.
 -- Staff, American Fork High School, Sports Medicine and Human Biology Classes - September 2015
"I really enjoyed listening to the people who have been in these accidents, because it really inspired me to be grateful for what I have. These people are so happy and work so hard in everything they do, yet they cannot walk, and sometimes don't have feeling in their hands. This really hit me because they were so much happier than I was. It would be such a blessing to hear from these people again!"  
-- Caroline Cantera, Student, Skyline High - August 2014
"I watched the students as your panel related their experiences of losing the use of their legs and sometimes arms and hands. Students were engaged and heard powerful stories of hope.  We were all made better by having the panel speak to us. We went away understanding the positive power of the human spirit. All speakers shared amazing stories of courage and determination. We are looking forward to hearing you speak again this year! Thanks so much!"
-- Joanie Daily, Faculty, Skyline High - August 2014
"The presentation was given to our entire student body... I was concerned and did not know how our students, ages 12 -14, would respond. I was pleasantly surprised as the students gave the presenters their undivided attention. The presentation included stories [of overcoming debilitating situations] through video and personal appearances. It was a valuable life experience for students as they saw and heard how life-changing obstacles could be overcome with hard work and determination. Without a doubt...Team Neuroworx is an exceptional presentation."
-- Ike Spencer, Principal, West Lake Jr. High - August 2014


Alan Aguirre                             Wyatt Huxford
Sam Arishita                             Zak Johnson
Jedediah Beckstead                 Dale Lawrence
Keaton Belliston                      Stephen Merrill
Justin Black                              Kendra Muller
Matt Carter                              Tom Omart
Natalie Dartez                          Marianne Page
Brittany Fisher                         Madison Perry
Kollin Galland                          Lizza Pritchett
Wesley Greene                        Nicole Summers
Samantha Guillory                  Sandra Swasey
Porter Hancock                       Jan Thomas
Josh Hinton                             Carson Tueller
A.J. Hunt                                  Marlee Wagstaff




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