The Story

After Dr. Dale Hull was paralyzed in 1999 he underwent therapy for three and a half years, working with his therapist, Jan Black. During that time both talked about joining forces to create a nonprofit outpatient physical therapy clinic that would provide the same outstanding rehabilitation Dr. Hull himself had experienced--an experience that, over time, brought him to his feet.

Neuroworx had its beginning in 2004 with only 1,000 square feet, 1 therapist, 1 mat, 1 ball, a pair of hand weights, and a milk crate file. It provided creative, specialized therapy for those with paralysis, regardless of the ability to pay. For over ten years,  it has provided care for more than 800 patients mostly from Utah, as well as 24 other states and 4 foreign countries.

By the end of 2014, Neuroworx had grown to 4,000 square feet, 5 therapists, a Hydroworx pool, a Lokomat, a Therastride, other specialized therapy equipment, and a limited pediatric program.

It has earned an unequaled national reputation and respect for its evidence-based, creative, and innovative neurorehabilitation -- provided by some of the best professional therapists you'll find anywhere, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment. This all has been made possible by the financial support of donors, funders, and community partners.

Against the Grain

How do you describe a facility whose treament model is based on what the individual users need to improve rather than the amount of care allowable by insurance? Most would say that such a model could never exist and that the idea is 'just plain crazy'.

Neuroworx co-founders Jan Black and Dale Hull have heard variations on both themes. Yet, ten years after starting a specialized nonprofit physical therapy clinic for paralysis, the model is not only viable, but is flourishing. This choice of superior outcomes over optimal revenue has garnered thanks from the individuals and their families devastated by catastrophic circumstances as well as support from many who see the benefit of this do-the-right-thing philosophy.





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