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Jan and Dale's Discretionary Fund

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Noah's Ark Rainy Day Fund

Support our pediatrics program

Noah is a young boy with an unclassified neurological condition that has affected his motor skills. Currently, his only hope for improvement is aggressive and persistent rehabilitation. His mother was successful in raising $28,000 for a Neuroworx fund to help other children like him in need of financial assistance. In honor of Noah and his family, we named this pediatric fund the Noah's Ark Rainy Day Fund.


W.A.L.R.U.S. Fund

Support Lokomat therapy

This acronym stands for 'Walking Always Leads to Real, Unparalleled Success'' and was created (both the fund and the abbreviation) by Sam Harrison, a former patient at Neuroworx. Sam experienced a cervical spinal cord injury resulting in profound quadriplegia. During his therapy he was challenged by a physical therapy student to channel his inner 'cheetah' to improve his paralysis. This became a source of amusement for Sam and his therapists. When he made the decision to give back to others with paralysis, he requested that the fund be given the WALRUS label as a tongue-in-cheek reference to his channeling experience as well as an acknowledgment  of the benefit he receives from the Lokomat. This fund provides Lokomat time for individuals who benefit from the walking available through this state-of-the-art equipment, but who do not have the means to do so.


Twenty-Two Eighty-One Fund

Support financial aid and supplemental care

Neuroworx provides care to individuals regardless of ability to pay--including additional supplemental time give to patients. This requires a financial fund to ensure that everyone receives the care they need. Early in the history of Neuroworx, the co-founders created a therapy package that included twenty-seven visits. They tried to make it as affordable as possible based on cost and came up with a value of $2,281. Nearly ten years later, that same amount still provides twenty-seven therapy visits.

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