Mission and Objective

What is Neuroworx?

Neuroworx is a nonprofit, community-based, outpatient physical therapy clinic focusing on neurological rehabilitation for individuals experiencing paralysis from spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke, and other neurological conditions.

We also offer a pediatric therapy program for children with neurological conditions requiring specialized care and equipment.


Our mission is to promote neurological rehabilitation and to create and support the finest comprehensive neurological rehabilitation facility in the region.


The foundation will fufill its objective in five primary ways:

  1. Establish Neuroworx as a comprehensive outpatient clinic containing the most advanced equipment and well-trained therapists to focus on the rehabilitation process.
  2. Raise funds for the ongoing acquisition of facilities, equipment, training of therapists, and financial support of patients without funding.
  3. Secure a team of volunteers made up social workers, contractors, architects, therapists, physicians etc. to assist an individual or family make the necessary adaptations to lifestyle and housing.
  4. Create and support a clinical research program.
  5. Educate the general public and medical community regarding spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions and the need and benefit of progressive functional rehabiliation and exercise for these patients.




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