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Neuroworx Fact Sheet
  • Neuroworx is an outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in providing innovative, activity-based therapy to individuals with paralysis from spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, and other neurological conditions
  • We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and, as such, we provide extra treatment time above and beyond usual insurance reimbursement to increase the likelihood of improved outcomes
  • Our mission is (1) to create the finest outpatient neurological rehabilitation facility in the region focusing on individuals with spinal cord injuries, (2) to develop a model for restorative and functional rehabilitation and (3) to make it available to as many patients as possible
  • Neuroworx was founded in June 2004 by Jan Black and Dale Hull
  • On the first day, we started with 1,000 square feet, 1 therapist, 1 mat, 1 ball, a pair of hand weights, and a milk-crate file
  • Neuroworx houses some of the most specialized equipment in the region, including a Bioness Vector system, Therastride, Lokomat, both upper and lower extremity FES bikes, an Armeo, and two Hydroworx pools
  • We have served nearly 1000 patients, mostly from Utah, as well as 26 other states and 4 foreign countries
  • Neuroworx now serves both pediatric and adult patients
  • Our NEW current space is a two-level center comprising 24,500 square feet
  • Our current staff includes five physical therapists, one physical therapy assistant, three physical therapy aides, one insurance specialist, two receptionists/aides, one part-time development director, and an executive director
  • We are a teaching facility. Physical therapy students perform clinical internships from various colleges and universities in the U.S. We recently hosted three PT students from Morocco for one month
  • We have a volunteer program. Interested college students can volunteer in order to gain experience and exposure to the field of neurological rehabilitation
  • Neuroworx is an Alliance Partner of the NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) -- an initiative under the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
  • Neuroworx is a supportive peer support environment that helps with the emotional, mental, and psychological strain associated with the life-altering circumstance of paralysis
  • In 2014, the community helped us provide $164,800 in supplemental care and $48,525 in charity care
  • Neuroworx is one of two entities in the State of Utah eligible to receive funding through the SCI/TBI Rehabilitation Fund established by the Utah Legislature in 2012. This assists individuals without any other resource to obtain the therapy necessary to improve ability and enhance their health and quality of life (the other is the University of Utah).


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