Clinic Director - Jan Black, PT, MSPT

Jan co-founded Neuroworx in June 2004 and serves as the clinic director where she directs the staff and has primary responsibility for the clinic’s teaching duties.
She graduated from Utah State University in 1989 with a bachelor of science in physical education. She received her masters of science degree in physical therapy from the University of the Pacific in 1991. Following graduation, she returned to Utah and began a career as a practicing clinical physical therapist. The majority of her practice has been focused on people with spinal-cord injuries and similar neurological conditions. She has worked in acute-care in-patient rehabilitation, home health care, and outpatient facilities.
Her postgraduate training has included courses in spinal-cord injury, brain injury, and locomotor training. She is a Certified Clinical Instructor Affiliate (CCCE/CI) through the American Physical Therapy Association. She is an educator for the University of Utah Physical Therapy Doctoral Program (DPT) as well as various other universities and colleges across the country with DPT and Physical Therapy Assistant programs.
In addition to traditional land-based therapy, aquatic therapy has been an important part of patient care throughout Jan's career. In 2002, she began a more advanced form of aquatic therapy using highly specialized pools. Applying her clinical experience with this novel equipment has allowed her to provide innovative and very effective care for people with paralysis. Her unique expertise in this area has provided her with opportunities to present aquatic seminars with a neurological focus to various clinics throughout the country.
In 2004, she co-founded Neuroworx, a non-profit, state-of-the-art outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in the treatment of people with spinal-cord injuries. In addition to her duties as the clinic director, she is vice president of the Neuroworx 501(c)(3) organization and a member of the board of directors.
In 2010, Neuroworx was designated as a Community Fitness and Wellness Facility under the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network, making Neuroworx one of only five such facilities in the country. This program focuses on treatment interventions to promote and maintain health and fitness for people with spinal-cord injuries. This collaborative research effort collects data to evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions. Jan is the director of this process for Neuroworx.
Jan’s research activities include a collaborative project with the University of Utah Department of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science using a virtual reality, mechanically augmented treadmill. An article describing a recently completed pilot study entitled  “Investigation of the Treadport for Gait Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury” is currently in review for publication.  She was also the co-investigator with the University of Utah Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in a pilot study that evaluated the safety and efficacy of aquatic treadmill therapy for improving the economy of gait, gait speed, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and quality of life 
in ambulatory adult stroke patients. She looks forward to upcoming research opportunities to continue to advance spinal cord physical therapy care.
Jan assisted with the creation, drafting, and eventual passage of Utah House Bill 400 during the 2012 Legislative Session. This bill created a spinal-cord and brain-injury fund to provide rehabilitative services to affected people in Utah.
Jan is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, including the Neurological and Education sections.  Her hobbies include running and, most importantly, being a mom. Jan and her husband have three children.




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