Aquatic Therapy

For those re-learning how to walk, our aquatic therapy pools provide sensory stimulation and buoyancy to aid in rehabilitation.

Water temperature is kept warmer than typical pools to avoid cold-induced muscle stiffness and because people with spinal cord injuries may have difficulty with temperature regulation. The buoyancy of the water also helps with balance, lumbar stabilization, mobility and personal confidence.

Underwater cameras make it easy to watch and adjust movements in real time, speeding up the learning process.

The ideal complement to neurological aquatic therapy, our hydro massage system produces a focused, deep, penetrating massage can help reduce overall discomfort by localizing the areas of pain. The massage hose allows you to adjust the position and strength of the massage for your optimal level of comfort.The parallel bars can also be removed or configured for front-to-back use.

Paralysis therapy and aquatic rehabilitation for neurological conditions can be complicated by the fact that getting in and out of the pool can be difficult. The adjustable floor of the HydroWorx 2000 solves this problem by moving the pool floor directly to the patient. A person can walk or wheel right onto the floor and is then safely submersed into the water at the desired depth in only 30 seconds.

During neurological pool therapy, at about 60% weightless, therapists can focus on re-teaching lost motor skills. The variable speed underwater treadmill facilitates gait training at any water level with speeds from .1 to 8.5 mph in .1 mph increments.




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